The Bleeding



London-born Death Thrash champions The Bleeding are returning in full force to bring you their third full-length album Monokrator!

After forming in 2010, the band released their first EP Death Eternal in 2013 and, after a major line-up change, released their first full-length album Rites of Absolution in 2017. Their second full-length album Morbid Prophecy, released two years later, received critical acclaim from the press:

“The 20 Greatest UK THRASH albums of the last 5 years” (2022)
-Worship Metal

“A truly blistering sophomore effort that expands upon the ferocity of their previous album in many exciting new directions, further defining their own distinctive and sharp approach.”
– Invisible Oranges

“The Bleeding unleashes sonic oblivion with some of the most violent and virulent riffs you’re ever likely to hear ” (8.5/10)
– Ave Noctum

“This band is a force to be reckoned with. Intense riffs, fierce vocals and punishing drums are all to be found on the latest full-length from The Bleeding.” (8/10) Excellent
– Metal Temple

The band’s resume also boasts a collaboration with none other than the UK Black / Speed Thrash hero himself, James McBain (Hellripper), on the title track from their 2021 EP Rise Into Nothing.

On their latest album, MonokratorThe Bleeding combine thrash elements, comparable to latter-day Exodus/Destruction, with the ferocity of Demolition Hammer and a vocal attack akin to Jeff Walker and Chuck Schuldiner to create a blitzkrieg-like listening experience with a full frontal assault that pulls no punches and will leave your head spinning in delight. Monokrator is a flag-planting statement that will put the UK back on the map when it comes to quality Thrash!

Invisible Oranges recently shared,
It’s a horror-infused rollercoaster that brims with adrenaline.

Decibel Magazine wrote,
” [Monokrator] offers 30 streamlined minutes of sharp-edged, old-school-worshiping death/thrash, executed with surgical precision.”